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A Little About me

Ashkhen Hovhannisyan

Hello dear Visitor, I am Ashkhen, Counselling Psychologist and Transformative Life Coach, I have educated myself for past the 5 years in the field of Counselling, Psychology, Energy Healing and Hypnosis and have done my certifications from International Career Institute UK and completed my Masters in Applied Psychology in India. 

I have undergone several trainings in Russia, India and UK , and learned  effective techniques to help myself and others. I have curated the best techniques and tools that enable every human being to change for better and change their lives!

For past few years I have invested myself into understanding the processes of our mind, body and soul , and how the synergy all of all these three aspects affect us. I have  worked with number of adults with various problems such as anxiety, depression, helplessness, procrastination,  relationship problems, work and finances, loss of energy, anger management, traumatic experiences and much more. I have come to realise, that these three aspects are inevitable strong pillars to a happier fulfilling life.  And in order to bring them to balance, our mental, emotional and physical self needs to be in optimal balance in order to bring fruitful results. 
I aim to help as many people as I can, trough my knowledge and extensive experience of understanding human psyche and its expressions in day to day life. I urge you to start your self discovery journey today, discover your highest potential and your special gifts within. It’s time tto take steps in making changes to a better Self, to transform and to experience life in its full colours and beauty. It’s  time to live life on your own terms and not someone else’s. I promise to guide you through this journey  of your self discovery with kindness and support. This journey will help you learn , experience and enable tools  which can help you to  navigate through life and unleash the best potential you hold inside.  

To find your Best Self you must loose your weak self

- Anonymous